Hello, I'm Traci! I am a one-woman show here running my business, tinySunshine. My husband and I have three awesome kids and live happily in Sylvania, Ohio. Before having children, I practiced as a child and family therapist but I always longed for a job where I could fulfill my life-long need for creativity. Once my second child was born, the idea for tinySunshine came pretty easily. I wanted to make what I wished I could buy for my kids. That was 14 years ago, and tinySunshine is still going strong and I truly enjoy making each and every item that is ordered.

tinySunshine made its debut on Etsy in 2006. Owning my own craft business is a dream for me. I can't remember a time where I wasn't working on some project or conjuring up ideas to create something out of nothing. Sewing was never something I really enjoyed. I preferred wood-shop over home economics; building over baking. My favorite memories involve the smell of sawdust in both grandpas' workshops, and helping my dad with building our home. Once tinySunshine came to mindful fruition, I signed up for sewing classes and learned quickly how to create whatever I wanted.

tinySunshine has evolved and changed a bit over the years, but the one constant has been my commitment to quality and excellent customer service. As a mom, quality is a top priority and I strive to provide my customers with the highest quality and comfort possible. tinySunshine towels and blankets are made from the highest quality materials and workmanship. Every item is custom made-to-order with attention to detail and refinement. I enjoy connecting with my customers and hearing feedback on the product they have received. Personalized items are always special and I hope to make each and every one of my customers feel special as well.